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My Husband Won’t Accept It’s Over

The relationship between a husband and a wife is special since they are lifelong partners and have taken vows to always stay by each other’s side. This relationship is crucial as it provides long-lasting happiness for both the husband and wife. During difficult times, they play a vital role in comforting and consoling each other. On the other hand, when everything is going smoothly their happiness increases tenfold as they have each other’s company and celebrate their happiness together.

If the husband and wife work together then they can overcome any obstacle put in front of them. However, there comes a time when this relationship reaches its tipping point and cannot be carried forward anymore. When this happens it’s better for both parties to move on and accept that the relationship is over but your husband won’t accept that it’s over so how would you tackle this situation? Let’s find out!

Reasons for Your Husband Not Accepting It’s Over

Reasons for your husband not accepting

It is often found that women try to the very end to save their relationship. They give up only when they realize that the relationship cannot be salvaged no matter how hard they try. When the wife feels that they no longer have a future together, she decides to leave her partner and end the marriage altogether. Now even after you have made the decision to end the marriage your husband isn’t ready to accept this fact. Let’s try to figure out some of the probable reasons why this could be and how you can counter this.

Your husband’s thought process

One of the major reasons why your husband is not being able to accept the fact that the relationship is over is because of his thought process. In his mind, he still thinks that there is the hope of reviving the marriage. Your husband is thinking that If both of you work together on making the relationship better then there is a chance of revival. As a result, he isn’t ready to give up on the relationship even though you have made up your mind regarding this issue.

Impact on the kids

Your husband might think that ending the relationship will have a negative effect on the kids and cause long-lasting damage to them. As a result, he doesn’t want to end the relationship. But the truth is that the frequent conflicts happening between you and your husband are the real cause of adversely affecting the emotional and psychological state of the kids. Your kids will be growing up in an environment where there is no peace of mind. This is because they will notice that you and your husband are not on talking terms and when you do talk you always end up having a fight. And this is something that will have a profound effect on the kids rather than your decision to end the relationship.

Monetary reasons

Your husband might think that what is the need of having two separate households and increasing the cost when both of you can stay live in one household. But what’s the point of living together when the relationship is no longer working? Living together just for the sake of it in order to save money doesn’t make much sense. Even though running two households is costlier when compared to one household by living separately you will be more financially aware and conscious. Since your husband is reluctant to end the relationship in a peaceful manner you have no other choice other than to go for an adversarial divorce case. This is an expensive way of ending the marriage and your husband’s wish of reducing the amount of money to be spent will backfire on him.

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How to Make Your Husband Understand?

A relationship where the partner feels alone and lonely is way more painful than being single. It might be that you gave enough chances to your husband and you clearly told him that he is not giving you enough time and attention. You also clearly mentioned that if this continues then you won’t hesitate in walking away from him. But your husband did not pay any heed to you. You reached a certain point when you thought to yourself that enough is enough and it’s best for both of you to go their separate ways. However, you are unsure as to how you will tell your husband this decision of yours and make him understand. So let’s talk about this issue.

How to make your husband understand

Be gentle

When you will try to explain your point of view to your husband try to be as gentle as possible. Do not talk in an aggressive manner as this might have an adverse effect. Try to maintain a soft tone and calmly say to him that the relationship is not working anymore and it is better to end it rather than to drag it unnecessarily.

Be concise

Tell your husband that you gave him plenty of chances to improve the relationship but he ignored all of the opportunities that you presented him with. You should also clearly tell him that he took you for granted. Even though you love him a lot you cannot tolerate this behavior of his where you feel that you are being taken for granted.

Give him time

You didn’t make the decision to end the marriage out of nowhere. You only took this decision after spending a significant amount of time thinking about it. Hence you are far ahead of your husband when it comes to mentally processing this decision. But this isn’t the case for your husband as your decision might have come as a surprise to him so he doesn’t know how to react. This is why it is important for you to give your husband a good amount of time so that he can come to terms with this decision of yours. By doing so you are increasing the chances of your husband understanding your decision and thus having a smooth end to your relationship.

The Right Time to Look for Professional Help

The correct time to look for professional help

You might be facing difficulties in making your husband that it is no longer possible for you to continue the relationship. Despite giving your best efforts your husband is not allowing you to end the relationship.

In such a situation talking to a professional who has significant experience dealing with married couples will be of great help. When you decide to end your marriage not only are you stressed but you also go through lots of intense emotions. In such a situation seeking help from a professional will greatly benefit you in processing your emotions. Tell the professional all of the problems you are facing and then there is a strong chance that the professional will help you in solving these problems. Additionally, the professional can also help you in deciding what you want to say to your husband. By doing so you will be able to calmly put forward your point of view to your husband and tell him how the marriage isn’t working anymore.


1. Should grandparents stop giving gifts to their grandchildren?

Grandparents should stop giving gifts to their grandchildren when their financial situation does not allow them to buy anything for their grandchildren or when the distance starts to grow between the two of them.

2. Is it wise for grandparents to gift money to their grandchildren?

When grandparents give money as a gift it is important to keep in mind that the way their grandchildren will spend the cash is not in the grandparent’s hands anymore so they need to be okay with the way grandchildren choose to spend that money.

3. Is it necessary for grandparents to give gifts to their grandchildren?

It is not mandatory for grandparents to buy gifts for their grandchildren and the only reason they do buy gifts is out of love for their grandchildren.

Final Thoughts

A contract lasting for a lifetime is known as marriage. Yet just like other contracts, there is a possibility to bail out of this contract when the relationship becomes toxic. It might be that all you ever wanted was to live happily with your husband but unfortunately, your husband had other plans and he completely takes you for granted. You told him numerous times that you feel lonely and that you want attention from him but he simply ignores your feelings. This results in you fed up with your husband’s treatment and you decide to end the relationship. This is the best decision as it will allow you to start everything in a new way and get back your lost happiness.

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