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My Husband Doesn’t Respect My Personal Space

Personal space is an important part of life as it allows people to feel safe and comfortable. When you are in your personal space you are zoning yourself out from everything going around you. In this alone time, you will be able to relax and rejuvenate yourself from the exhaustion of the outside world.

It becomes difficult to have a personal space of your own after you get married but that should not stop you. Everyone deserves to have a personal space of their own regardless of whether that person is married or not. However, you might be facing issues where your husband tries to get too involved with everything you do and he is not giving you your personal space. This results in you being very concerned and you are thinking about what you can do to improve your situation. Continue reading to know how you can tackle this situation.

Why Your Personal Space Is Important?

Personal space is known as the distance you prefer to keep between you and other people in order to feel comfortable. This is why it is essential that you have your personal space. There are a few reasons which highlight how important your personal space is such as:

Why your personal space is important


When you will have your personal space you will be able to go on business trips, have gym sessions, and go out with your friends. Additionally, you will also be able to do other activities that will provide you with the kind of physical space and separation you need. For example, you could be someone who loves reading books as it helps to keep your mind sharp and allows you to be happier and calm. Since you have your personal space without anyone interfering with it you will be able to do the activities that make you happy which in turn will benefit your relationship. That freedom is important for balanced mental and physical health too!


Once in a while just sitting around and doing nothing is a great way of relaxing as you are not putting any strain on your brain. In this me time you are in your own bubble where you don’t have to worry about anything such as attending to kids or looking after the household affairs. Disengaging from everything will allow you to have a clearer mind and in the process, you will be better able to think critically and make good decisions.

Being more comfortable with yourself

Even though you might not show it from the outside subconsciously you think about what the viewpoints of other people are. It is necessary to realize what your needs are and how you can take care of yourself in the best way possible that is separate from your relationship.

By spending time alone, you will be more self-conscious and have clarity when it comes to your emotions and desires.

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Reasons for Your Husband Not to Respect Your Personal Space

It is completely normal the need personal space in a relationship but not all partners are accepting of this fact. It is crucial for you to know why your husband is not giving you the personal space you need. Once you figure out the reasons you will be able to take action accordingly.

Reasons for your husband not to respect your personal space

Absence of personal space

One of the main reasons for your husband not respecting your personal space is that there is an absence of personal space from your side. You might have never told him that you needed a personal space of your own where you would be able to do the activities that make you happy. There is a possibility that you love your husband so much that everything you do is for his sake and you never do anything for yourself. While this is a good thing you should also make time for yourself so that you can recharge yourself and have a fresh new perspective toward your relationship.

Your husband has trust issues

It could be that your husband is the type of person who has serious trust issues. As a result, he feels insecure about giving you your personal space. For example, you might go out for a hangout with your friends but your husband might think that you are cheating on him. For this reason, he does not allow you to have your personal space and remains glued to you. In a healthy relationship, partners trust each other and will not have second thoughts about giving their partner personal space and time.

Your husband is clingy

You might have showered your husband with too much love to the point that the concept of personal space is completely out of the window from his side. Your husband might think that being clingy and always staying physically glued to you will make your relationship better. But this is certainly not the case as too much closeness is bad for the relationship. This is because this behavior of his will make you feel suffocated and have an adverse effect on your relationship.

Getting Your Husband to Respect Your Personal Space

It is vital that personal space exists in order for a relationship to be healthy and strong. Even if you have been married for a long time the importance of personal space cannot be underestimated. If your husband is not respecting your personal space, then there are a few ways in which you can make him respect your personal space such as:

Getting your husband to respect your personal space

Communicate with your husband

The most effective way of making your husband respect your personal space is by communicating with him. Have an honest and open conversation with him where you will express your true feelings. Try to discuss in detail so that he can clearly understand why you need your personal space and communicating with him in a coherent manner will go a long way in making your husband respect your personal space.

Tell him about the benefits

Tell your husband about the benefits your relationship will have when he will allow you to spend time on your own. By spending time alone, you will be able to rejuvenate your mind and have a fresh new viewpoint toward your relationship. Additionally, you will be able to recharge your batteries by indulging in activities that are essential for your well-being. Make him understand that the only reason you want your personal space in the first place is for the betterment of your relationship.


1. Is it necessary for husband and wife to have time of their own?

Research carried out by psychologists and sociologists put forward that relationships can be strengthened by spending time apart so it is necessary for husband and wife to spend time on their own.

2. What is the meaning of personal space in a marriage?

The meaning of space in a relationship is to make time for yourself first by doing activities that make you happy. During this time, you will be able to make decisions that make you feel great allowing you to handle your relationship properly.

3. How much space is normal in a marriage?

Although there is no exact number of minutes or hours where you should spend alone. When talking about healthy space in a relationship means that are able to do what you enjoy doing such as reading, watching your favorite series, or going out on hangouts with your friends.

Final Thoughts

It is absolutely unnecessary for your husband to smother you with his presence and not allow you to have personal space of your own. An excellent way where you will be able to look after yourself and maintain a healthy relationship with your husband is when you will be to spend some quiet time apart. The importance of personal space in relationships is equal to that of forgiveness and empathy. It has been found that spending too much time together can result in relationships becoming toxic and suffocating. On the other hand, having personal space will provide many benefits. It will allow the mental health of not only you but your husband to improve. The reason for this is that both of you will be able to use the time away from each other for personal comfort and self-care. This is why it is crucial to make your husband understand how personal space will benefit the relationship and a result will make him value and respect your personal space.

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