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I Can’t Stand My Step Daughter

Adapting your life with a stepdaughter can be amazing or a nightmare. People barely have a good bond with their stepdaughters. It can be really difficult to create a bond for the first time. You have to understand why they are treating you in that way. It could be hard for them to adjust to new parents or could be personal. Losing your biological parents is really hard and it takes patience and effort to accept new parents.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you cannot find any valid reasons behind their rude behavior, you will feel terrible about your stepdaughters.  The reason parenting a stepdaughter is harder than parenting own daughter is these daughters come into the mix at a variety of ages. You might need to take care of a child or an adult. You also need preparation to handle your stepdaughter.

8 Ways to Deal with Your Stepdaughter

Just because your stepdaughter is being unfair to you does not mean you should tolerate them. You have your whole life with them so it is your job to fix the relationship. Here are some ideas you can implement in your life to deal with a stepdaughter.

1. Confront Her

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your stepdaughter is being unfair to you, the first thing you need to do is talk to her. You can ask her why she is being mean to you and analyze the situation. It could be a small reason like you didn’t properly talk to her, so she thought you were jealous of her.

Your first duty is to find the reasons behind her behavior. If you figure out that she does not have any reason for her hurtful behavior, you should talk to her about what is right and what is wrong.

Confront her

2. Control Your Anger

No matter how horribly your stepdaughter acts around you, you should not hit them or seek revenge. Just because someone is being unfair to you, you should not give them a chance to make you a bad person. You should keep in mind that your stepdaughter might try to get a reaction from you by angering you. You cannot give her the pleasure to control your emotions.

Control Your Anger

3. Talk to Your Spouse

If you are unsuccessful after talking to your stepdaughter, you need to talk to your spouse about this matter. As biological parents, they should know how to handle things and help you. It is not easy to talk to someone about their kid’s behavior. But you need to be honest with your partner.

You need to calmly handle the situation by providing them with information about why you feel the way you feel. Now it is your partner’s job to talk to their daughter about her behavior and help her to understand how the daughter’s actions are affecting you.

Talk to your spouse

4. Get to Know Her

It is possible that you do not like your stepdaughter because you do not know her. You need to understand that you are a new addition to her family, it is your duty to get to know her and make her comfortable with you. If you are dealing with a teenager, you need to talk to her about what she likes, what her favorite thing to do, and her hobbies.

You can gather information about your stepdaughter in this way. When you know her, it will be easier for you to handle her. You will be able to make a connection with her. She will be finally comfortable enough to open up about herself to you.

Get to know her

5. Comprehend Her Condition

You need to understand that it is also her first time observing a new situation. You know how hard it is to accept a new family member when you are still grieving losing one. The reason behind her behavior is that she is struggling to accept a new situation.  You need to perceive things from her perspective.

She might feel abandoned or threatened by the addition of a new family member. It is your responsibility to make her feel safe and secure. You should put some effort into making her feel protected. You should comprehend her situation and not take it seriously.

Comprehend her condition

6. Respect Her Boundary

At first, she may be distant and annoyed at you, but you should not force her to like you. Some people take time to open up about themselves. It is their way of coping with new challenges. You should respect her boundaries and provide care and love for her from a distance.

No matter how hateful they are towards you, you should not cause any harm. You should respect them as a person and keep a distance. At the end of the day, they are still a part of the family and deserve love.

Respect her boundary

7. Know Your Role

Whenever you are in a difficult position because of your stepdaughter, you need to recall who you are in that family. As a parent, you need to teach your daughter to learn manners and be respectful toward you. If you stand up for yourself when your stepdaughter disrespects you, they will think twice before disrespecting you again.

You need to play your role as a parent properly. You need to find the roots of their issues and try to solve them. Before handling any problems, you need to remember that you are not only a parent but also their parent.

Know your role

8. Seek Professional Help

You may feel helpless after putting so much effort into trying to connect with your stepdaughter. Understand that your limitation is not a personal failure and asking for professional help does not mean you are incapable of doing it. These professionals are trained to handle sensitive family situations. They will provide you with proper help and advice.  It may look like a cheaper and easier option to ask your friend for help but remember that your friend might not be a professional and they will try to solve the situation how they think will work. It will not work all the time.

Your stepdaughter might not be interested in working with you. This type of counseling only works when both parties walk into it open to compromise. Otherwise, it is a waste of money, time, and effort. You should try to convince your stepdaughter. If you fail to convince her ask for your partner’s help.

Seek Professional Help

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6 Ways to Build a Bond with Your Stepdaughter

Just because they are your stepdaughter that does not mean you need to distance yourself from them. You have your whole life with your stepdaughter so this is the perfect time to build a connection with her.

1. Solo Outing

The only way you can create a connection with your stepdaughter is by spending quality time together. You get to know about each other’s likes, dislikes, and hobbies. You can spend time doing what she likes, it will put her at ease with you and she will slowly start to appreciate you.

You can really get to know a person by putting in the effort so that when time progresses, your relationship with your stepdaughter will turn into a loving relationship. You cannot expect to lessen your hatred by ignoring her existence. You can have a conversation about her interests and hobbies. In this way, she will open up to you and give positive reactions.

Solo outing

2. Reward or Punishment

You can start a rule where if she disrespects you in any way, she will be punished. And she will be rewarded for her good behavior. This will help her to understand that all action has consequences so she will be extra careful next time.

You can make sure your stepdaughter avoids conflict with you by teaching her discipline. You may have mixed feelings toward her but you are responsible for parenting her. If you ever feel conflicted about a certain situation you can seek your partner’s help.

Reward or punishment

3. Being Supportive

You can get close to someone by showing appreciation and support. It is a great way to show her that you care. You can help her do her homework. If your stepdaughter does not ask for help or feels conflicted about asking for help. You can come forward and provide a helping hand. You can encourage her to pursue her dreams and help her to achieve them. It is a lengthy process but with your support, she will be able to believe in herself.

You can also show up in her school performance or game tournaments. You do not need to shower her with compliments every time. A small kind gesture can mean a lot to her. If she is interested in music or drawing. You can take her to her practice. If you show interest she would like you to join in.

Being supportive

4. Plan a Family Day Out

You can plan a family day out somewhere your stepdaughter likes. It could be an amusement park or a restaurant. You can take responsibility for the whole day. It will make her realize how you care for her and her parent.

It will be easy for her to accept you. But always remember you cannot force her to like you. It may take some time for her to loosen up but it will happen eventually.

Plan a family day out

5. Be Their Friend

It is normal to dislike your stepdaughter; affection needs time to form. You can try being their friend so that they can feel comfortable around you. You need to remain calm and kind while talking to her. If can feel like something is bothering her you can start your conversation with “I am always here for you if you need help”, or “If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime”.

Try to remain a consistent and kind presence in their life, in this way, you can form an excellent bond with your stepdaughter. If you feel she is resistant to communicating with you. You can start telling her personal stories so that they can feel at ease. They may come around once they know you better.

Be their friend

6. Don’t Let Your Disagreement Escalate

Sometimes you will find yourself in a position where you do not agree with their opinion or decision. It is okay to disagree but never let it escalate. Remember if you create a safe space for your stepdaughter, it will be easier for her to open up to you. You should avoid saying “You always do this”, or “You never listen to me”. This can make a kid feel worse and eventually, you will lose your precious bond.

Don’t let your disagreement escalate

Not Liking Your Stepdaughter Is Normal

It is normal to dislike your stepdaughter. Handling stepdaughters can be complicated. You cannot predict another person’s feelings or thoughts toward you. If your stepdaughter does not have a safe childhood they will most likely be protective of their parent and could be difficult for them to trust a new parent.  When families blend together it takes time to get to know each other. If your stepdaughter has a special bond with her biological parent, they will face some difficulty bonding with a new person. For them, it is unacceptable to lose their favorite parent and replace them with a new parent.

When you are in a new marriage you deserve all the love, attention, and care from your partner. You may feel that your stepdaughter is purposefully sabotaging your relationship with her former parent. There are certain marriages where the stepdaughter will make you a bad person in front of their former parent. Parenting a stepdaughter is unnatural and complex. Most of the time you will be clueless about how to deal with a situation or what you are supposed to feel. Their behavior can stain a marriage so it is okay to dislike your stepdaughter.


1. Do I have rights to my stepdaughter?

You do not have any rights to your stepdaughter as you are not her biological parent. You can only lay claim to them if you legally adopted them.

2. What is nacho parenting?

Nacho parenting is when the custodial parent takes the lead role in parenting their own kid and the step-parent takes an auxiliary role. This is how they cultivate a happy blended family.

3. What is the stepparent’s responsibility?

As a step-parent, it is your responsibility to provide your stepkids with food, shelter, safety, and financial support.

Final Thoughts

As a step-parent, you are raising kids with manners and values that may not align with yours. This is where it gets difficult because you feel overwhelmed by their behavior. Every parent has their own rules and manners. When you step into a household where the rules have been imposed before you, you can feel torn and disconnected because you do not agree with those rules. Sometimes you can do absolutely everything right and still fall short. Other times, you’re just not equipped to properly handle the family situation at hand. No matter what the situation is you are not supposed to tolerate your stepdaughter’s rude and unfair behavior. You are also a part of her family. You deserve equal support and love. You can still keep your sanity and maintain a healthy relationship with your stepdaughter.

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