Family BondingHow to Make Your Parents Happy?


How to Make Your Parents Happy?

Parents are the closest and most loving people anyone can have in the world. Our parents did everything possible to give us a better life and they are always ready to continue to do so. They provided us with all the love and support we needed and had to sacrifice many things to fulfill our needs that we were unaware of Raising a child comes with a large number of responsibilities and hard work. Parenting is a job that can never be compared to any other job and never can be repaid. Their hard work and sacrifices only can be understood when we become parents. You may have seen someone having children and raising them, but it’s a different scenery when you become a parent.

As children, we should always be thankful to our parents and do everything possible to make them happy in their old age. We need to be responsible toward our parents and do everything they did for us to make their lives easy and comfortable.

11 Things That You Can Do to Make Your Parents Happy

Remember, our parents are happy to have you as their child. Doing as they likings will increase your importance and their love for you.

Understanding your parents’ expectations is not too difficult, they want nothing but good and positive things for us. Parents want us to be good and successful in our careers, expect us to stay away from negative people, have a good education, and do good in the future.

They may not be expressive of what they want from you but it’s your responsibility to make sure that you fulfill their expectations and needs just like they did the same for you. Parents can act strict sometimes towards children but at a certain age, you will understand that their strict rules and regulations are something meant to teach you positive important features of your characteristics. So here are 11 ways that you can make your parents happy.

1. Be responsible

Be responsible

You cannot expect your parents to be responsible for everything in the family. There are certain tasks or situations that you should be the person to take care of. You should not demand your mother to clean your room or wash your dishes. You should always do your chores and be responsible for your tasks. Your parents have other things to take care of which are important as your chores.

You should not be dependent on your parents for little things as they get bigger and more important things to take care of. You should learn to be responsible for your tasks or things such as cleaning your room, doing homework, washing laundry etcetera. Also, learn to be responsible, and help your parents or siblings. Become a helping hand that can make their life easy. Things like these will prepare you to maintain bigger responsibilities in the future and make your parents happy in the present.

2. Be understanding

Be understanding

Understanding your parent’s needs and mentality is an important thing. Parents cannot explain everything to you whenever you want, you should be able to understand the situation your parents are facing. Do not rush them to discuss a certain problem. Give them time and space to sort things out, then you can take the initiative to talk about the matter. If you identify the cause of their problem or pressure, assure them that they have you on their side. It’s hard being a parent from time to time so understanding and sympathizing with what they are going through will make them happier.

3. Be obedient & show gratitude

Be obedient show gratitude

A child needs to be obedient toward their parents, we should not exceed the limits created by their parents. We should respect family rules and norms. Our behavior should be as they expect, to listen to their decision. Declining parents’ decisions can create huge problems in our relationship which can lead us to a more complicated family scenario. Keep in mind that their decisions are well thought out and the best decision for us. Always be thankful to your parents for such hard work and sacrifices they made for you. Tell them how grateful you are for having them as parents.

4. Be helpful

Be helpful

Helping your parents will always make your relationship stronger with your parents. Especially helping your mother with chores, cooking, dishes, and other household tasks will decrease her responsibilities for the day and will give her some free time. Instead of being occupied with your personal life manage some time to help your family members with household work. It will make the bond between you and your parents much stronger.

5. Apologize for your mistakes

Apologize for your mistakes

Making mistakes is a normal thing for a human being unless you hamper something important or someone’s feelings. But you can always apologize for such mistakes. Explain the incident to your parents and tell them how you regret doing such a thing. Show remorse for making the mistake and explain that you are feeling bad for your behavior or action.

6. Spend time with them

Spend time with them

Being with your family and spending your free time with them is very important. Family time can enable ways to talk about everyone in their presence. Things like Important announcements, dividing tasks among family members, and providing a routine for everyone can be done while spending family time. It is very important for kids to spend time with family, they find it entertaining which enables their positive mental growth. For the parents spending time together is a matter of pride and success.

7. Create a Friendly Environment

Create a friendly environment

Make your relationship with your parent as friendly as possible. Give them a loving and friendly atmosphere. Sharing stories, playing games, or reading books with your parents can make them much happier. Creating a friendly environment is also important for positive mental health which is key to making your parents happy.

8. Do good in your career

Do good in your career

The most important concern for every parent is that they want us to be successful in life. Parents provide us with all our needs and education in mind to give us the best chance of getting a good job. Children’s success is the biggest achievement a parent can have. Doing good in our careers boosts our parent’s confidence and satisfaction in their old age.

9. Give them gifts on special occasions

Give them gifts on special occasions

Have you ever met someone who does not like gifts? You won’t find a parent who doesn’t like to get gifts from their children. Giving gifts to your parents on various occasions or life events can surely change their mood. They may want to reject it to save your money but deep inside they are very happy about your concern for them. It’s not about how expensive or rare the thing you give them but your thoughtfulness that makes them love you more.

10. Share your feelings and problems with them

Share your feelings and problems with them

Problems are a part of life for everyone. Some people are hesitant to share their difficulties with others because they believe that they cannot be resolved by others. They do not want stressed-out family members. A person must discuss difficulties with family members because doing so helps to clear the mind. The most reliable people to turn to for support in resolving your issues are your spouse, kids, and parents. Share matters with your family as much as possible. Discussing your problems with your parents will make it easier for you and they may find a way to solve your problem. This creates trust and admiration in your relationship with your parents.

11. Respect their private space

Respect their private space

Parents are always concerned about their children that doesn’t mean they don’t have a personal life. They need their private space as much as any other person would. As a child, you should always be careful about your parent’s private life. Give them space if there is no discussion needed. Let them have their moment alone. Maintain their privacy, always knock before you enter their room, and ask for permission before taking any of their stuff. This way your relationship with your parent will be more respectful and mature.

2 Things You Can Do When Live Separated

2 things you can do when live separated

One may live separated from the family and parents but that doesn’t mean they are free from their responsibility. One should do everything possible to make their parents happy no matter where he lives.

1. Meet them routinely

You may be occupied by your profession most of the time but you should always manage some time for your parents. Go to your parents and meet them at least once or twice a month if your time is limited. Spend some time with them, have food, or discuss your work or the place you’re living in currently. Moments like these can be very special for them and make them happy more than you can imagine.

2. Call them every day

If it is difficult to meet your parents routinely or you are currently living in another country, then you should call your parents at least once a day. Talk about your day, work, or feelings, and ask them about their day. Calling them daily makes them believe that they are important to you which is satisfactory for them.

Things You Should Avoid

Things you should avoid

There are certain things to do to make your parents happy and also certain things to avoid to keep them happy. In such conditions staying controlled is very important.

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Avoid Arguments

Do not engage in any arguments with your parents. If the argument is between your parents, then stay away from them for a while and do not be a part of their conversation. Never disrespect them in any way nor use harsh words with them. In such a situation, explain your perspective clearly and reasonably. Try to understand their perspective too.

Control Your Emotion When You Are Angry

Do not act when you are angry, anger can hamper your critical thinking ability and reasoning. In case of anger always try to think before you say or do something. An angry tone can hurt your parents emotionally and it can make them feel disrespected, try to avoid such a moment and discuss further when you are calm.


  1. What should children do to make their parents happy?
    Children should always respect and live their life according to their parent’s decisions. Parents are more experienced and they know the best option for their child. Children have to be understanding, obedient, and respectful to their parents.
  2. How to create a friendly environment with family?
    Certain activities can create a friendly atmosphere within a family. Gossip, sports, games, or movies together can change the environment of the house. Everyone has to be mentally accepting and free toward others.
  3. How to keep in touch with family while living separately?
    Meeting with parents weekly or monthly depending on the distance can keep the relationship normal. If you live too far away or in another country, then you can call or FaceTime your parents daily to keep in touch with family.

Final Thoughts

Parents are the only people we can consider as our own. The parent-child relationship is important as it develops the personality of the child, decisions made in life, and overall attitude. Their social, physical, mental, and emotional health may also be impacted.  Children who have strong bonds with their parents are more likely to develop positive bonds with others in their lives. With peers, they can form reliable relationships and connections. For children, it is the most important responsibility for them to look after their parents and keep them happy.

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