RelationshipsHow to Be a Good Partner?


How to Be a Good Partner?

What makes a relationship one-of-a-kind is the fact that it is the combination of two people and their experiences together. There will obviously be some similarities with other relationships but the dynamics between the individuals involved make their relationship unique to the rest of the world. When a relationship has that balance, it’s like fireworks, like the two minds are thinking as one. The key to a successful relationship is being a good partner.

So, how to be a good partner? If that were easy, I think no relationship would ever fail! It’s not that it’s difficult to be a good partner, it’s that it takes time and continuous effort to maintain being a good partner. Buying a gift to say sorry and then not following up with other efforts does not make you a good partner. This is because a relationship is dynamic, and always changing.

Therefore, to be a good partner you also have to learn to adapt to the changes that take place in a relationship. So if you want to understand how a relationship works or want to avoid being a bad partner, read on, and let’s figure out how to be a good partner!

Understanding How a Relationship Works is Important

To understand how a relationship works I shall give an example; a relationship is like water. Just like a relationship, water is dynamic. It changes to suit its environment, moving when it’s disturbed and remaining still when left alone. A relationship works the same way, where the water is the two people in it are two bodies of water constantly clashing against each other. Will they remain calm, or will they constantly fight?

Now because we are here to learn how to be a good partner, let’s look at what makes a relationship healthy, successful, and long-lasting.

Healthy relationship

Healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is only possible when you come to an understanding with your partner. It’s about how to co-exist together in such a way that you and your partner aren’t two raging tropical storms always fighting. Sometimes your partner needs their own space to figure something out. You may feel left out, wondering why are they not discussing things with you. Sometimes people need their own space to figure out their thoughts and feelings. What you can do to accommodate it is be there for them. Never force the issue and listen when they want you to listen.

Successful relationship

A successful relationship is hard to define because of the dynamic nature of the relationship. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not so good. Fighting in relationships is common because it’s two different personalities that are going at each other. What really makes a relationship successful is how you and your partner react to it. A relationship is truly successful when you both understand that you fight with each other because you love and care for each other.

Lasting relationship

Lasting relationship

What makes a relationship is an extension of what makes it successful; understanding that you might fight but you love each other through whatever event. It is all about making an effort to always be there and show up. A relationship lasts when both partners are willing to show up. Trust and understanding between two people are knowing that the other person will show up. That is what makes a relationship last.

It’s important that you understand how a relationship works before being a good partner. This is because there are many other things you need to be doing to be a good partner.

Being a Good Partner

So now that we have looked at why understanding how a relationship works is important, let’s move on to being a good partner.


The basis of all relationships, without which any relationship is bound to fall apart! Communication involves conveying your feelings, your emotions, and what happened in your life, and reacting to what happened in your partner’s life. Remember the most important part of communication is the fact it’s a two-way street. If your partner is the only one communicating and you are ignoring them, that is no worse than talking to a brick wall. Communication is about give and take, and to be a good partner you have to give equal amounts of both.

Respect and trust

Respect and trust

Whatever you do with your partner, whether it be simple communication you have to maintain a level of respect that is appropriate for the relationship. Being a good partner means respecting your partner’s actions and wishes. Respect is also about trust. There is nothing worse than being untrusting of your partner. Respecting their boundaries and trusting their decisions is key to being a good partner.

Providing support

Providing support

But also know that does not mean you have to passively agree with everything they say. Your opinion matters too when you support them. Being there for your partner through thick and thin is what makes a good partner better. Always be welcoming of your partner and give your own input about the situation. Remember, they are coming to you because they value your opinion so be open and honest about it and they will respect you for giving the support they need.


Being a good partner also means learning to let things go. Your partner may ask to give something up or ask you to make time for them. That means you have to be willing to come to a compromise that makes you both happy. Compromising also means that you have to communicate and come to an understanding. Compromising, like communication, goes both ways.

Boundaries and commitment

Whatever type of relationship you are in, it is important to make your intentions clear about commitment. It makes it hard to be a good partner when you say one thing and your action says otherwise. That is why setting up boundaries and commitment is key to being a good partner.

Forgiving your partner

Forgiving your partner

Holding on to grudges against your partner makes for a dysfunctional relationship. It slowly poisons the relationship and promotes toxicity in the relationship. That is why a good partner is someone who is willing to look past the minor mistakes of their partner and forgive them.

Being empathic

Sharing in a relationship is important, and sharing emotions with your partner is very important. That is empathy in a relationship helps you understand your partner’s feelings. To be able to share their feelings brings people in a relationship closer. And the closer you are to your partner, the better partner you will be for them.


Sometimes, all you need is a little patience. Never rush things and go along with the flow. This helps you to think more clearly and make better decisions for yourself and your partner. Especially when your partner is going through a difficult period, having someone who is patient with them will make them feel safe and secure.

I hope you are now ready to be a good partner. Because it’s none of these things will make you a good partner, only when you combine all these points and more, will you be a good partner. Just like a relationship being dynamic, working to be a good partner means you have to be dynamic and change with time as well!

Signs That You Are a Bad Partner

Signs that you are a bad partner

Now that we have looked at how to be a good partner in a relationship, there are some things that you need to avoid doing in a relationship.

  • Not letting your partner talk: What you want is to be open and honest in communication. A bad partner will constantly cut off their significant other and not let them speak.
  • Letting your emotions guide you: In the heat of the moment, you may say something you didn’t mean. That is why you shouldn’t let your emotions get the best of you.
  • Holding back your feelings: When you want to express your love or dislike for something, you shouldn’t hold back. Bad partners will hold back what they want to say bottle it up and hold grudges against their partners.
  • Accusing your partner of being unfaithful: One of the worst things you can do to your partner is not trusting them, especially by saying they are unfaithful without any reason. Trust takes years and years to build, but only moments to lose forever.
  • Manipulating your partner: Things like blackmailing and gaslighting are manipulation tactics employed by toxic partners. These types of manipulating will create unnecessary stress to the point of traumatizing your partner where they never trust someone ever again. So never do them to your partner.
  • Avoiding conflict: If you are someone who is trying to always avoid conflict, not only does it make you a bad partner, but it also makes the conflict grow. And soon that conflict will reach a breaking point because you were trying to avoid it.
  • Constantly lying: Lying will always lead to the actual truth coming out. Your partner puts a certain amount of trust in you and if you are constantly breaking that, it makes you out to be a bad partner.
  • Not supporting: Partners are supposed to rely on each other. If you are not actively supporting them when they need you, it is definitely a sign that you are a bad partner.

So there you have it. If you have one or multiple signs that you have been a bad partner, I think it is time that you change yourself for the better. A relationship should be of mutual understanding, and breaking the understanding means that the relationship will not last.

Types of Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships are made up of a couple of partners who share a mutual interest in each other. But there are a lot of different types of such romantic relationships. Here is a basic list of romantic relationships:

  • Committed relationship
  • Casual relationship
  • Open relationship
  • Long-distance relationship
  • Physical relationship
  • Independent relationship
  • Codependent relationship


  1. If you are a bad partner, can you change to a good partner?
    Yes, you can! Being able to change shows that you are willing to work on the relationship. Take support from your partner because they are a part of it too.
  2. What’s the most important thing in a relationship?
    Trust and understanding are the most important parts of a relationship along with supporting your partner. Remember relationship requires many other factors to work properly.
  3. Can I trust my partner?
    If they have been faithful, not lied or tried to manipulate you in some manner then it should be safe to trust them. Remember that trust is a process and takes a long time to build. So it is completely up to you.

Final Thoughts

A relationship is a delicate thing. It involves the emotions, feelings, insecurities, and vulnerabilities of two people in a way that they are supposed to balance constantly. Understanding how a relationship works to knowing how to be a good partner takes a lot of work. That is why there are two people involved in a relationship. You don’t have to go through it alone because you have someone to help you go along the journey. Trust them and cherish them.

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