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How to Balance Work and Family?

Every day you wake up by hearing the annoying noise of the alarm clock! Your day has started already, and you are rushing toward your workplace. After a long tiring day, you come home and just feel like locking yourself up in your bedroom and crashing on the bed. Ultimately your work life is taking over your personal life, and you are trying your best to maintain both of them; perhaps you are failing every time.

Let us figure out the importance of work and then our family’s role. We cannot deny the fact of money in terms of our daily life. To survive in this harsh world, we need to earn money; to make money, we need to work. That is how work has impacted our lives. Now, what about family? Can we ignore our family values due to work pressure? No. It is necessary to keep a balance between our work and family. And to do that, you need to follow a few ways, which we will discuss later in our next topic.

How to Balance Work and Family?

Before getting into the details, let me explain the concept of work-life balance first. You are trying to maintain a work-life balance whenever you are simultaneously thinking and acting upon work in your professional and personal life. Previously we already had discussed the interrelationship between work life and family life. This section will demonstrate the steps you can follow to find an overall balance. However, the critical balancing factors will differ from single individuals to married couples.

4 Ways to Balance Work and Family in Single Life

1. Weekend Planning

Weekend planning

‘Single life and boring workplace– For most people, this phrase has become the outline of their daily life. No need to worry! You can manage with a little bit of planning. Say you are a student or a job holder living away from your family. What are the possible ways in that case to manage your work and family life? Here comes the idea of planning. You can plan a family tour or family visit every weekend. That will give you the time to get in touch with your family members and explore the unseen parts which got suppressed beneath your heart.

2. Schedule your phone calls

Schedule your phone calls

Have you ever felt like long working hours are taking up your valuable time, for which reason, you are unable to call back your friends and family? If your answer is yes, you can follow some small tips. You can make a call schedule after you come back home from work. You can start calling your near and dear ones to see what they are up to. Keep your family on your priority list first. Then your friends and other people.

3. Limit unnecessary hangouts

Limit unnecessary hangouts

We spend our spare time with our friends or colleagues after work. Suppose that after-office hangouts or parties are not mandatory for your personal life. You can escape that and give those precious moments to your nearest one. That could be your roommates, live-in partner, or family- no matter with whom you are living, as long as they are important to you. You can limit your unnecessary hangouts to balance your work and family life.

4. Staycation


We are familiar with the word vacation, right? Well, consider staycation as another version of vacation. The only difference between them is for the first one you need to go somewhere outside and for the second one you can enjoy your free time with your family by staying at home. Now there might be a question what if you stay home alone without family? Still, you can enjoy quality time by playing games, watching movies, cooking your favorite dishes, and doing other recreational activities.

7 Ways to Balance Work and Family in Married Life

1. Morning chat

Morning chat

Our busy morning starts with a rush. Usually, we get occupied with activities like- taking a shower, preparing breakfast, and getting our children ready for school. But apart from that, while you and your family are having morning breakfast, you can go for a bit of discussion regarding your whole day’s activity and other plans. That morning chat will help you and your family to understand your after-work plan. That is an excellent way to balance work and family life.

2. Couples time

Couple time

If your family consists of you and your wife only, you can often utilize your free time by going outside for dinner after the office. The working couple often needs help to get time to spend with each other. On that note, spending as much time together whenever you get free is essential. Try going to museums, movie dates, friends and family dinners or parties, and jogging together. Remember, whatever path you are choosing to take with your favorite one, it should be consensual. Discuss your plans with each other before you are going to have your own time together.

3. Vacation


You can go on short trips with your family every weekend. If you still need to, you can arrange trips at least twice a month. If you are a family person with small children, you can also plan a backyard tour. Backyard tour, you can try kayaking to the nearest lake, picnic or camping, organize lunch or dinner in your backyard, etc.

4. Less technology, more interactions

Less technology more interactions

We all are inclined to modern technologies, from mobile phones to gaming devices. That takes away time from interacting with others! To maintain the perfect balance between your work life and family, you must restrict technology whenever you are with your family. Using less technology will give your family members more time to interact with each other. This can ultimately lead to stronger relationships among family members.

5. Fun time with children

Fun time with children

Due to heavy workloads, you must give your children the time of day and play with them. But you can take small leaves for hours to attend your children’s soccer competitions, basketball sessions, or parent-teacher meetings. Again, after office, you can sit with your children and share your small funny moments in your office today. If you are a single parent, along with having a fun time with your children, you can also prepare snacks for them and encourage them to participate with you. Remember, no matter how you spend time with your children, all that matters is how much you can give them from your side!

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6. Dinner Discussion

Dinner discussion

As the saying goes, a family that eats together stays together! Dinner time is also a priceless moment in a family where everyone can share their current conditions and mental states. You can also have the time you are seeking outside of your working hours at your dinner table. You can make your dinner discussions funnier rather than making them severe. You can talk about your upcoming plans, household conditions, grocery and shopping necessities, and so on.

7. Late-night movie

Late night movie

A movie is another way to spend your time with your family members. You can take movie attempts on your weekends or holidays for watching a movie. If it is tough for you and other members to get spare time, then no worries! We have another solution for that. You can also try late-night movies by setting up a home theatre at your place. That will allow you and your family to enjoy a tension-free late-night movie time together.


  1. Why is it important to balance work and family?
    You never need to be a workaholic if you ignore your family members. So here comes the importance of making a balance between work and family.
  2. Does work come before family?
    Yes, of course, family comes first. You are working for your family. So what is the use of that work-life if you cannot maintain your family correctly? Hence, you should give priority to your family first.
  3. How does family motivate you at work?
    The family encourages us to boost our mental energy to put effort into our work life. Also, the family helps us to reduce our stress. So, the motivation that we need most of them comes from our family.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is optional how you plan your free time to spend with your family; it is all about creating beautiful moments with your loved ones! Time is valuable, and we should know how to use it. Though we cannot leave our work life, we can try our best to keep a healthy balance between work and family. Life is short; what if we learn to utilize our small moments together?

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